• Sundance Film Festival
         Invitational World Premiere
  • Munich Documentary Film Festival (In Person)
  • AFI Film Festival (In Person)
         Invitation, Los Angeles
  • Best of AFI Festival
         Washington D.C., Kennedy Center
  • Sydney International Film Festival
  • Athens, Ohio International Film Festival
         Feature Documentary, First Prize
  • Jerusalem International Film Festival
  • The Roxie Cinema, San Francisco (In Person)
         (Invitation) SPECIAL ATTRACTION
         24 SCREENINGS - JULY 9-16, 1993
  • Montreal World Film Festival
         Invitation-3 screenings
  • Vancouver International Film Festival
  • EQX Film Festival (In Person)
         Phoenix, AZ, Invitation
  • International Documentary Association
         Winner: Distinguished Achievement Award
  • Mill Valley International Film Festival, Post Festival
         Special Invitational Screening
  • London Film Festival (In Person)
  • Homage to Allen Ginsberg with Allen Ginsberg - Paris, France (In Person)
  • Cinematheque Francaise
  • Berlin Jewish Cultural Days with Allen Ginsberg (In Person)
  • Leipzig International Documentary Film Festival (In Person)
  • Festival dei Popoli in Florence , Italy (In Person)
  • "What's Up, Doc '94?"
         Chosen by the National Film Board of Canada for a select group of American      documentary filmmakers exhibiting and discussing their films with the public and a  large      number of Canadian filmmakers.
         Toronto, Canada
  • New Zealand International Film Festival
         Invitation, 5 city tour.
  • Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival with Allen Ginsberg (In Person)
  • The Great Plains Film Festival
         Invitation, Grand Prize
  • Venice Film Festival, Encore Presentation
  • PEABODY Finalist
  • New Festival, New York City
  • United Nations Human Rights Film Festival (In Person)
  • National Jewish Film Festival
         Washington , DC - Invitation